Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Ice Bug

Bugs Exploration Sheet

Inspired by  quote
Medium is the Message

Logo Design

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Recent Work of 2013_2014

Enigmatic Narrative
Inspired by Steve Jobs Quote:"We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas".
 Digital Fine Art _01

Digital VFx Painting _02
Digital Painting

Reference Images used for both the Digital Art peaces

 Concept Art 
(Thought Burst)
Digital Still Life 

Pencil Pen Art 
Bargue Drawing Study
Pencil on cartridge sheet
Grandmothers Portrait 
Pencil on illustration paper  
 Bubblegum Jar _ Class Assignment
Pencil 2b-8b on illustration paper

Face Fragment _ Class Assignment
Pencil 2b_4b on illustration paper

 Animal Art _ Concept Sketch
Ink and Maker on illustration Board

Analogous Concept Art
Pencil on illustration paper

Self Portrait _ Pix-elated Self Portrait
Pencil on paper
Self Version of Grendel_Roughs
Markers, Ink, Pen, Pencil on sketchbook

Self Version Of Grendel _ Final
Markers, Ink, Pen, Pencil on Illustration Paper
Metallic Fish 
Copper Scratch Board

Dependence to Independence
Collage Painting
Papers, Map, Wood, Wires, Nails, Thread, Markers, Paints 

 Poster Painting
Gouache Paints on  Illustration Board

 Acrylic on Canvas 
Mix Media Painting

 Personal Still Life Painting
Acrylic on Canvas 

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Matte Concepts

                                                      Reference images of my matte painting

                                                      Reference images of my matte painting

                                                                        Matte Painting


                                          This is my first detailed portrait i hope u guys liked it:)

                                                                      Random Portrait

Character VisDevz

                                                                            VisDev Art

My own car Sketch
 My own car VesDev

 Bee black and white shading
 (Reference taken from Dream Works Movie Bee)

                                                                   Bee Movie Character
 (Reference taken from Dream Works Movie Bee)

                                                                 Dragon from (Mulan)